Patients Reviews

I’ve been with Dekalb Women Specialist maybe 10+ years and I have met wonderful doctors since I started coming to the office but I have notice that many doctors have came and left the office.After my appointment visit on Tuesday, I am so pleased with Dr. Mercy. She was very knowledgeable about my test results and explained it me. It made me very comfortable to have a doctor like Dr. Mercy. I just hope that she stay around longer. Thank you Dr. Mercy!

K. Lakes
The whole staff was beautiful the reception she’s a doll, especially, especially Ms Tonya Sanchez she is wonderful. She is a godsend to that clinic. She has a patient she listen to you. She explain everything to you and she wish you nothing but the best I admire her. I adore her and I love her. She is a wonderful person and have lots of patience. I would definitely refer anyone to come there because of her your patient sybil hinkson.


I’m a 20 plus years patient. The entire staff makes me feel extremely comfortable on every visit. They were extremely friendly and listen to my questions and concerns. I have daughters and I also know that they will become patients when it’s time.

T. Terrell