Ultrasound services offered in Decatur, GA


Ultrasound services offered in Decatur, GA

Ultrasound technology is a safe and effective imaging technique that can guide gynecologic care. At Dekalb Women’s Specialists in Decatur and Stonecrest, Georgia, Albert Scott, Jr., MD, and Mercy Amua-Quarshie, MD, offer ultrasounds as part of their comprehensive women’s health services. Book your visit today by calling the office or spending a few moments online. 

Ultrasound Q&A

How do ultrasounds work?

Ultrasound technology works by using sound waves to create images of your internal tissues. The process uses a device called a transducer to send sound waves into your body. As those sound waves encounter various tissue types, they bounce back, creating echoes. 

The ultrasound device collects those echoes and converts them into images. Your practitioner can then “see” your organs and other tissues. Ultrasound imaging can be stored digitally to become part of your permanent medical record and can also be printed. 

Most ultrasounds are performed using a handheld, external transducer that your practitioner glides over the surface of your abdomen. In some cases, the transducer is a handheld wand that your practitioner inserts through your vagina to gather imaging.   

What role do ultrasounds play in gynecologic care?

Most people are familiar with the type of ultrasounds used in pregnancy care. Your practitioner applies a clear, odorless gel to your belly to make it easier for the transducer to glide over the surface of your skin. 

The system creates images of your baby, which you can see in real-time on a screen. This form of ultrasound can help determine your due date. It also allows your practitioner to monitor your baby’s growth and development. Ultrasounds are performed at several points throughout your pregnancy and can detect a wide range of potential problems.  

How can an ultrasound improve my gynecologic care?

Ultrasounds are a great diagnostic tool for a number of women’s health conditions. They are often one of the earliest steps in the diagnostic process because they are safe, reliable, and affordable. 

Gynecologic ultrasounds can be performed using an external transducer or a vaginal wand. Some of the reasons your practitioner might recommend this type of ultrasound include assessing the following:

  • Shape, size, and position of your uterus or ovaries
  • Changes in the shape of your bladder
  • Thickness and length of your cervix
  • Blood flow through your pelvic organs
  • Presence of unusual masses or fluid in your pelvic area

The results of your ultrasound will guide any additional testing or treatment needs. X-ray imaging is also available through the practice. 

If you need to schedule an ultrasound, reach out to Dekalb Women’s Specialists online or by phone at your earliest convenience.