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Robotic Hysterectomy Testimonial

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4.9 Stars

77 Reviews | Average Rating: 4.9

5 Stars

I recently had my robotic hysterectomy by Dr. Scott. It was awesome. I only had 3 small incisions, I went home the next day and went back to work in 2wks.
5 Stars

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Albert Scott Jr. at DWS for 28 years; since the very beginning of his practice. He delivered all three of my boys and performed two surgeries—one before my pregnancies and one after. I have watched his practice grow from its infancy into a flourishing one with multiple locations. During my tenure as a patient at DWS I have had many positive experiences as an OB and as a GYN patient. I have experienced unmatched customer service in the kindness and courtesy amongst all the staff there. If I ever experienced an extended wait time, I was met with an apology as well as with a detailed, un-rushed appointment, as Dr. Scott always takes his time to explain his assessment, findings and recommendations. DWS has met and continues to meet my expectations in what I expect from a healthcare provider.
5 Stars

Dr Scott delivered all 4 of my children.I have been with Dr. Scott for 28 yrs since he started Dekalb Women Specialist. He is a wonderful,caring and compassionate Physician with great bedside manner!
5 Stars

Let me start by saying that I have been a patient at DWS for 14 years!!! They delivered both of my children, and I am very pleased with the practice from the front desk staff to the medical assistants, to the nurses, to the doctors. Dr. Kathleen Johnson is AWESOME. She's easy to talk to and her follow up is very timely. Also, Dr. Seivwright is AMAZING! She's very personable, and I felt like she genuinely cared about my health and well-being. I was nervous about having to come into the office for test results. She reassured me that everything was fine, and that she just wanted to explain the results in person. I really appreciate the hands-on approach, especially in our digital world. Everyone at DWS are amazing! Thank you for years of excellent care.
5 Stars

I saw Antoinette Holmes and I think we clicked instantly!! She seems sweet, and had the answers to all of my questions. I am so ready for the pregnancy journey!!!
5 Stars

I love Ms.Mia she always has a smile on her face and she goes above and beyond to help others
5 Stars

Lori Powers is truly amazing! She advocated for me throughout pregnancy and during postpartum recovery when I faced complications. Her dedication and passion is one-of-a-kind and my family is forever grateful to her and the entire team at Dekalb Women’s Specialists!
5 Stars

I love Dr. Caryn Johnson she is the best
4 Stars

I would do it all over again if i had!
5 Stars

Dr Trudy is awesome and very knowledgeable.she has such a beautiful personality,very professional and my c section surgery went great.She was even concerned about my mental wellbeing after having my baby and listening to my needs to help me.
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