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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

  • All Meet and Greet events will be cancelled until further notice. 

 Note that Coronavirus information can be obtained at the CDC website, please click here for specifics about Coronavirus and pregnancy click here

In order to maintain a normal pregnancy, we stress taking your prenatal vitamins and getting good nutrition and regular exercise if you are staying at home.  If you are not able to participate in outside activities and education you can still aide the health of your pregnancy by going to the following websites:

DeKalb Women’s Specialists does not endorse any of these websites and we don’t recommend purchasing of any products from any of the listed businesses.  Use your best judgement when evaluating services and always pay attention to doctors recommendations that apply to you because of your specific limitations and diagnosis.

Congratulations to Dr. Scott: President Elect of the Georgia OB/GYN Society!

There were 150 Ob/Gyns in attendance at The 68th Annual Georgia OB/Gyn Society Meeting this past weekend, held by the Georgia OBGyn Society at The Cloisters in Sea Island, Ga. where Dr. Scott was promoted to President Elect. His term for this prestigious organization will start August 2019.
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COVID-19 Call-In

Dekalb Women’s Specialists in conjunction with Emory Decatur Hospital encourages patients to communicate with their Primary Care Physicians (Internal Medicine or Family Practice) by telephone if feeling sick with fever, cough or shortness of breath even if you are pregnant.  It is very important that you call with your symptoms prior to going to any health care provider office so that they can direct your care.  Dekalb Women’s Specialists does not offer testing for Coronavirus.  Go to for detailed information on COVID-19 prevention and what to do if you feel ill. 
GA hotline for COVID19 updates and info: 844-442-2681

12 Untrue Assumptions About Weight Loss

If you struggle with your weight, you’re already tired of hearing about weight loss secrets, seeing ads on TV about how to lose weight, or getting well-meaning advice from friends and family. Shut all of that out, and focus instead on these 12 untrue assumptions about weight loss that may actually be the best way to silence the weight loss cacophony.

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Postpartum Depression Symptoms List and Support Options

Not the same thing as the familiar term “baby blues,” postpartum depression is a truly serious health issue, and according to the National Institute of Health, 15% of new mothers can suffer from it. If you have recently given birth, or know someone who has, remain mindful of these postpartum depression symptoms and support options.

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Exercising to Improve Symptoms of Endometriosis

We all know that exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to relieve stress, even though we sometimes don’t want to do it. Those who live with endometriosis often find that exercise also works for their painful symptoms as it releases endorphins, which help to ease and slow pain. Let’s look at why, and the ways, exercising to improve symptoms of endometriosis may work for you.

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